• International Novelty Orchestra

    This week, our “Vintage Musician of the Week” series spotlights the International Novelty Orchestra. Active in the 1920s and 1930s, the orchestra was noted for its unique fusion of classical, jazz, and pop music, all under the innovative leadership of Arthur Lange. Their work reflected the cultural dynamism of the time, blending various musical elements…

  • Charles Hart: The Golden Tenor of the 78rpm Era

    Charles Hart occupies a special place among early 20th-century tenors, celebrated for his contributions during a transformative era in American music. His recordings, captured on the then-popular 78rpm […]

  • Victory Records

    Victory Records, established in the early 1920s, significantly influenced the music industry through technological innovations and a diverse musical catalog reflective of its era’s cultural milieu. Positioned strategically within a vibrant American city, the label initially focused on jazz and blues, later expanding to various genres to cater to eclectic tastes. Celebrated for enhancing recording…

  • Syncopated Sounds of the 1910s: Exploring the All Star Trio’s Legacy

    Dive into the world of the All Star Trio, a vibrant 1910s ensemble that seamlessly blended ragtime and early jazz. Their infectious rhythms and playful melodies captivated a society in transition, leaving an enduring legacy in American music. Explore their formation, members, and the unique musical style that defined an era.

  • Metropolis

    “Metropolis,” released in 1927, is a black and white piece of cinema history and a cornerstone of the sci-fi genre that still feels incredibly modern. Fritz Lang, along […]

  • Gennett Records: The Unlikely Powerhouse of Early American Music

    Gennett Records, a name synonymous with the jazz and blues recordings of the early 20th century, is often overlooked in the broader conversation of music history despite its […]