Live Programming

Boneapart’s Country Cottage, featuring Three Tune Tuesday
Tuesday, 12:00pm EST

Travel back in time to the dawn of recorded music with “Three Tune Tuesday” – a weekly livestream where we spin three rare and enchanting acoustically recorded 78rpm records from before 1924. Join us as we delve into the fascinating history of early sound recording, exploring the artists and genres that defined the early years of recorded music. From ragtime and blues to opera and vaudeville, “Three Tune Tuesday” is your gateway to the magical world of vintage sound.

Boneapart’s Country Cottage, featuring Electric Dreams
Second and Fourth Wednesdays, 8:30pm EST

Step into the electrifying world of early 20th-century music with “Electric Dreams” – a livestream devoted to the groundbreaking sounds of electrically recorded music from 1927-1937. Join us for a journey through the early days of amplified sound, as we explore the pioneering artists and record labels that revolutionized the music industry. From swing and blues to crooners and novelty tunes, “Electric Dreams” is your ticket to the golden age of sound.

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