The journey of Blind Skeleton began with a fascination for antique phonographs and the classic tunes of 78rpm records. The collection grew, one phonograph and record at a time, eventually leading to a treasure trove of thousands of records. Wanting to share the joy of vintage music and its rich history, a podcast was born. However, the classic entertainment’s allure nudged towards a more interactive experience, hence the evolution to Blind Skeleton radio. Here, the nostalgic charm of Old Time Radio (OTR) shows found a new home, streaming round the clock, intertwined with our live streams of timeless tunes.

The adventure didn’t stop at music. It extended to old film cameras, vintage 8mm and 16mm film projectors, unveiling a newfound interest in old-time film photography and vintage cinema. Each film and photograph became a link to the past, a story waiting to be told.

The experience further enriched by volunteering at local community theaters. Whether it was managing the stage, assisting in the booth, or acting, the importance of community theater became evident. It was a hub for creativity, camaraderie, and cultural expression.

Amidst these vintage ventures, a passion for coffee brewed. The idea of melding this with the vintage arts led to the birth of Skeleton Brew. Yet, the essence of Blind Skeleton continued to resonate, embodying the vintage arts of music, film, photography, and theater in every initiative.

Blind Skeleton is not just a nod to the vintage; it’s a commitment to support the community. Through Skeleton Brew, we pledge 10% of all sales to a local non-profit arts organization. This gesture is our way of giving back, ensuring that the arts continue to thrive and inspire the community just like the vintage tunes and films that sparked this journey.

At Blind Skeleton, every note played and every vintage tale shared, is a step back in time, a celebration of the arts, and a promise to contribute to a thriving community.