If one traces photography back – way, way back – to it’s roots, one will find that the original “lenses” in use were, in fact, simply tiny holes, or pinholes.

Many of us have performed pinhole photography and made pinhole cameras out of boxes or oatmeal cannisters. It is a not uncommon project for students to participate in at school.

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds since the original pinhole’s were used; first there were lenses, then improved lenses, then improved film and, finally, digital. Digital cameras, of course, have do not need film, but there are still advances in the quality of the sensors.

This gallery is an attempt to return to the roots of photography. By removing the lens and replacing it with a lens cap reconstructed with a pinhole I am able to create “digital pinhole” pictures, with a look and feel of what photography used to look like.